State Plan Submissions and Drafts

State Plan Submissions and Drafts

April 5, 2017

Since April 3, a number of states have submitted their ESSA implementation plans to the U.S. Dept. of Education. Here’s a compiled list of the state plan submissions and the most recent draft versions states have released so far.

Submitted Plans


Arizona: Submitted Plan (1/09/17)

Colorado: Submitted Plan (5/1/17)

Connecticut: Submitted Plan (4/3/17)

Delaware: Submitted Plan (4/3/17)

District of Columbia: Submitted Plan (3/17/17)

Illinois: Submitted Plan (3/15/17)

Louisiana: Submitted Plan (4/15/17)

Maine: Submitted Plan (4/3/17)

Massachusetts: Submitted Plan (4/3/17)

Michigan: Submitted Plan (4/17/17)

Nevada: Submitted Plan (4/3/17)

New Jersey: Submitted Plan (4/4/17)

New Mexico: Submitted Plan (4/11/17)

Oregon:  Submitted Plan (5/3/17)

Tennessee:  Submitted Plan (4/3/17)

Vermont: Submitted Plan (4/3/17)


Draft Plans


Arkansas: First Draft (4/24/17)

Hawaii: First Draft (12/28/16)

Idaho: First Draft (11/1/16)  Second Draft (11/16/16) Third Draft (1/13/17) Fourth Draft (4/27/17)

Iowa: First Draft (01/6/17)

Kentucky: Partial Plan Released (11/31/16) (Full Draft Plan 1/31/17)

Maryland: First Draft (12/5/16)

Montana: First Draft (11/19/16) Second Draft (12/15/16)

New York: First Draft (5/8/17)

North Carolina: First Draft (9/30/16) (Second Draft (12/22/16)

North Dakota: First Draft (1/13/17) Second Draft (4/1/17)

New Hampshire: First Draft (5/23/17)

Ohio: First Draft (1/19/17) Second Draft (2/2/17)

Oklahoma: First Draft (11/21/16)

Rhode Island: Recommendation Guide (3/21/17)

Washington: First Draft (9/30/16) Second Draft (11/13/16)

Wisconsin: First Draft (4/28/17)