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Arizona Educators Seek to Leverage ESSA in Order to Advance Educational Equity

As reported in AZ Ed News, at the Engaging Arizona in Advancing Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) event in Phoenix, education officials called on policymakers to focus on student equity when constructing the state’s K-12 education budget. As Teniqua Broughton, executive director of The State of…

Pittsburg Schools On Alert as Chronic Absenteeism Rates Set to Increase this Year

According to data presented to the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) board last week, “chronic absenteeism was set to increase by nearly 3%,” raising concerns among district officials. According to Ted Dwyer, chief of data, research, assessment and accountability for PPS, chronically absent students—those who miss…

Heartland Institute Outlines Proposal for Child Safety Accounts

A new report by the Heartland Institute underscores the myriad school safety risks facing students today, proposing for “states to create a Child Safety Account (CSA) program, which would allow parents to immediately have their child moved to a safe school…as soon as parents think…

New Review Shows Louisiana Excels in Some Areas, Lags Behind in Others

“Louisiana is informing parents about school performance better than other states are,” according to the results of a review by the Alliance for Excellent Education. These results highlight how local schools are responding since the Every Student Succeeds Act was enacted. However, there remain a…

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