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Louisiana State Chief on ESSA Plan, Implementation

Contributing for the Daily Advertiser, State Chief John White writes that Louisiana’s ESSA plan has “set expectations for all students that are as ambitious as expectations in any state in the country.” He also states that in the next two months, as the “state Department...

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Push in East Baton Rouge to Use ESSA Funding for Choice

Charles Lussier reports for The Advocate that as the East Baton Rouge Parish public school system works to “quickly” spend a $2.2 million federal school improvement grant, a number of school choice advocacy groups are pressing school officials to use this ESSA-based funding to “expand ‘high quality options’ as...

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Louisiana Officials Select Districts for Innovative Assessment Pilot

According to the Ouachita Citizen, the Louisiana Department of Education recently “announced the state’s proposal to pilot an innovative English assessment,” which is the first to be approved by the U.S. Department of Education under.” The five school districts that will serve as initial partners...

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ESSA Funds Start to Roll In

The Advocate’s Will Sentell writes that more than a dozen public schools and districts in the state will soon receive over $8 million “to finance improvements in Louisiana’s first rollout of changes” from ESSA.

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Louisiana Launches ESSA-Inspired Online School Quality Tool

In Louisiana, as part of the state’s ESSA plan, education officials have created “a user-friendly platform”—Louisiana School Finder—which is “able to host a wide array of information on school and [child care] center quality,” and present it in ways that are “transparent and easy to...

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