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State Education Task Force Focuses on Developing Robust Teacher Evaluation System

According to member Lisa Burciaga Segura, the New Mexico Public Education Department Teacher Evaluation Task Force is “focused on developing a teacher evaluation system that is built upon collaboration, teacher strengths and abilities, and (that) challenges educators and those who supervise them toward rigor and…


Florida Legislators Introduce Bill to Let English-Language Learners Test in Native Languages

While the Every Student Succeeds Act requires states “to ‘make every effort’ to provide required exams in languages other than English if needed,” Florida’s Department of Education received an exemption in 2017 by arguing that English is Florida’s official language. Now, a bipartisan group of…


While Achievement Gaps Persist, D.C. Schools Show Signs of Improvement Overall

According to the District of Columbia’s star rankings, released just last week, D.C. schools are showing “improvements across the city” despite the fact that an “achievement gap on standardized tests” between low-income students and more affluent ones continues to persist. This is the second year…


Georgia DOE Releases New List of Schools Receiving Special Academic Support

According to the updated list of schools receiving special academic support released by the Georgia Department of Education, “47 Georgia schools rolled off the list” this year. As mandated by the Every Student Succeed Act, Georgia—like other states—keeps “track of high poverty schools or at-risk…


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