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Indiana Releases Foster-Care Student Data

According to Kate Stringer at The 74, Indiana recently released “one of the most detailed” reports to-date regarding how foster youth are doing in school. “That makes the state a leader” as ESSA “now requires all states to report academic data for these students, and...

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Promoting Principal Talent With Title I Funds?

“Districts and states looking to invest in principals and school leaders, particularly as a strategy to improve schools, may be able to tap into federal Title I funds to help foot the bill,” writes Denisa R. Superville in Education Week. The report, which looked at...

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Colorado Repeals Foster-Care Student Transport Law

School Transportation News reports that Colorado “has officially repealed legislation passed last year that attempted to better facilitate the transportation of children placed in foster care between school districts.” Despite its initial approval, opponents claim that the law has “introduced unintended consequences.” Under ESSA, “transportation...

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