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Four Ways Lawmakers Can Strengthen ESSA When They Reauthorize It

The Every Student Succeeds Act will need to be reauthorized after the 2020-2021 school year and, as Connor P. Williams outlines, this is a prime opportunity for federal lawmakers to strengthen the law. Among his recommendations, Williams suggests lawmakers “consider deeper centralization of public education,”...

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Progress Toward Improved Assessments Remains Slow

Even as policies shift “to accommodate experimentation on the path to better assessment,” progress remains slow despite traditional, standardized approaches not producing the desired results, according to Education Dive. As more educators recognize the “need for more creative and critical thinking,” they are increasingly turning...

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Maryland School District Outlines Plan to Meet ESSA Requirements

As Katryna Perera reports, Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) staff “outlined a plan to the Board of Education to help the district meet requirements set forth” under ESSA last week. According to Jamie Aliveto, FCPS’ executive director of system accountability and school administration, ESSA’s approach...

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