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CARES Act Funds Must Benefit Private Schools Equitably Says USDOE

According to the Catholic News Agency, “Federal coronavirus aid to private schools is now enforceable by law.” This notice comes after “concerns that Catholic and other non-public schools were being excluded from sufficient epidemic relief funds to support protective equipment for students and teachers, cleaning,...

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DeVos Under Fire for Federal Coronavirus Relief Guidance

An impassioned op-ed in Newsweek criticizes Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for directing “public schools to share with private and religious schools more of the funding available to them through the CARES Act.” Under the Secretary’s guidance, these federal funds should be allocated according to the...

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DOE Guidance on COVID-19 Relief for Private Schools Faces Growing Backlash

According to Education Week, guidance provided by the U.S. Department of Education “telling school districts to direct much more coronavirus aid than they expected to private school students has triggered intense opposition.” DOE has indicated that school districts must use COVID-19 relief funds “to provide ‘equitable services’...

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