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TN: State Launches School Spending Dashboard

The Tennessee Office of the Comptroller has launched an interactive dashboard for school-by-school spending data for every school in the state, building on the ESSA requirement that states publicly report per-pupil expenditure data starting with the 2018-19 school year. The Comptroller’s report on the data...

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How Districts Can Begin Preparing for Looming Budget Cuts

Long term financial considerations are quickly becoming a top concern for district and school leaders as federal stimulus discussions falter and local budget projections increasingly show massive shortfalls in communities across the nation. In reviewing lessons learned from the 2008 Great Recession and the resulting...

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School-level Spending Data Available in Most States

A “key tucked in the Every Student Succeeds Act” has resulted in a massive “trove” of school-level spending data, reports Daarel Burnette for Education Week. So far, 42 states and the District of Columbia have complied with the ESSA requirement to make public per-pupil expenditure...

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Education Data and COVID-19 Recovery: Resources for Leaders

Two new reports from the Data Quality Campaign discuss the need for educational data as officials continue to make many, complex decisions amid the COVID-19 pandemic and in recovery. The first report focuses directly on the importance of transparency and provides clear ways that education...

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VDOE Makes PPE Data Public

In a press release last week, Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane announced the addition of per-pupil spending data for each of the state’s public schools to the annual School Quality Profiles, Virginia’s version of a State Report Card. State school report cards and...

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