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Kentucky DOE Releases Limited School Report Cards

The Kentucky Department of Education released their latest state school report cards recently, though noting that due to the cancellation of spring assessments amid Covid-19 school closures, this year’s report cards feature little of the accountability and performance data typically required. State officials noted that...

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School Officials “Get Personal” in Fighting Absenteeism

In Education Dive, Shawna De La Rosa takes a look at how school districts and administrators are using innovative methods to fight absenteeism—from “going door-to-door to talk with students and their families about the importance of going to school, to sending text messages and automated...

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Kentucky Law Puts Federal Funding at Risk

“Kentucky education officials had to scramble after learning a new state law ran afoul of federal education law, putting funding in jeopardy,” writes Olivia Krauth for the Louisville Courier Journal. “During the legislative session this year, state lawmakers passed a bill changing how schools are identified...

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Effective Teachers = Culturally Responsive Teachers

“In education, when we hear the word ‘data, our minds often wander to a score that represents how a student performs in Math or English Language Arts,” writes Joshua Ddamulira for the Data Quality Campaign. What gets less attention, however, is “sensemaking,” the “practice of decoding...

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Connecting Schools with Art Resources

Linda Jacobson reports in Education Dive about Ingenuity, a Chicago arts education advocacy organization that has created Artlook—an online tool that “connects schools with arts organizations wanting to partner with them.” Ingenuity is collaborating with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to...

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