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INview Gives New Insights for Families Seeking School Information

Launched last month by the Indiana Department of Education, Indiana’s new data portal, INview, “aims to make it easier for families to access school information.” According to spokesperson Adam Baker, the site includes data not previously available, including “school and corporation level data on student...

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DQC Says Teacher Data Should Be Included in State Report Cards

“To improve student learning, an effective teacher in the classroom is the most important factor,” writes the Data Quality Campaign. “Every student, regardless of their zip code deserves access to a good teacher.” But to make this happen, teacher data is critical; unfortunately, school-level teacher...

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Effective Teachers = Culturally Responsive Teachers

“In education, when we hear the word ‘data, our minds often wander to a score that represents how a student performs in Math or English Language Arts,” writes Joshua Ddamulira for the Data Quality Campaign. What gets less attention, however, is “sensemaking,” the “practice of decoding...

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