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Digging into District Spending in a Dozen States

Burnette reports that states are beginning to report spending data as required by ESSA, but that this is “one of the most difficult pieces of the law to comply with and has gotten fierce pushback from district officials who complained that breaking out school spending...

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Civil Rights Groups Seek Oversight of DeVos ESSA Implementation

Andrew Ujifusa writes for Education Week that a “leading coalition of civil rights groups wants federal lawmakers to focus on oversight of the U.S. Department of Education when the new Congress begins next year.” In a letter to Capitol Hill, the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights “asked Congress to...

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Civil Rights Advocates Raise Alarm about Kansas ESSA Plan

According to civil rights activists, Kansas’ ESSA plan “would fail to promote achievement for thousands of students the law was meant to protect.” State education officials disagree, claiming there are “good reasons” for their strategy, which they say is “designed to ensure that Kansas schools...

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