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Mississippi State Auditor Warns of Issues in State’s Education Data

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White has some warnings about the reliability of the state’s education data, calling attention to three recent reports on methods used to determine graduation rates, completion rates for career and technical programs, and student attendance. White says “lawmakers, the Department of...

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Indiana Focused More on Connection Than Attendance

“Attendance is now one of the many facets of K-12 education that has been redefined because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced school buildings to close and most students to transition to online learning,” writes Allie Kirkman. The reality is, argues Kirkman, that no...

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Who Should Decide Attendance Policies—States or Districts?

According to Education Dive, a new bill in the Wyoming Legislature reflects a larger question for school districts grappling to address attendance and absenteeism issues. If passed, it would allow districts to set their own policies regarding excused and unexcused absences and to decide how...

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