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Report Card on Iowa Schools Shows Improvement Over Last Year

A school report card released by the Iowa Department of Education shows schools statewide are improving compared to last year. The online tool was designed to meet the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act and also includes “components of a state report card that...

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Delaware School District Proposes Changing Statewide Testing System

While the federal “Every Student Succeeds Act requires testing in every grade between 3-8 and once in high school,” one school district in Delaware—the Brandywine School District—believes the state’s “Smarter Balanced test is not the correct assessment for students.” Brandywine School Board President Ralph Ackerman...

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Progress Toward Improved Assessments Remains Slow

Even as policies shift “to accommodate experimentation on the path to better assessment,” progress remains slow despite traditional, standardized approaches not producing the desired results, according to Education Dive. As more educators recognize the “need for more creative and critical thinking,” they are increasingly turning...

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