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May 12, 2015

Vermont Late in Releasing Data…

July 28, 2019

“In October of 2018, the Vermont Agency of Education released statewide, top-line test scores from that spring’s math and English testing. But school-by-school results, they said, would need to wait until December,” reports Lola Duffort. “Nine months later, they still aren’t out.” At the beginning...

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“Data Flub” Could Cost Needy Vermont Schools Thousands in Federal Dollars

February 10, 2019

According to a former top Vermont Agency Education official, Vermont “risks running afoul of federal law if it doles out over $2 million in school improvement dollars the way it intends,” Lola Duffort reports for The “agency has had problems rolling out a new...

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State Plan Submissions and Drafts

October 17, 2017

Approved State Plans Alabama: Final Plan Approved (5/7/18) Alaska: Final Plan Approved (5/16/18) Arizona: Final Plan Approved (9/6/17) Arkansas: Final Plan Approved (1/16/18) Colorado: Final Plan Approved (5/7/18) Connecticut: Final Plan Approved (8/15/17) Delaware: Final Plan Approved (8/2/17) District of Columbia: Final Plan Approved (8/28/17) Georgia:...

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Dept. of Ed Approves ESSA Plans for VT and ME

August 31, 2017

The Dept. of Education approved state ESSA plans for Vermont and Maine. The department highlighted Vermont’s “inclusion of physical fitness in its accountability system” and “tracking the percentage of high school students who go on to college, the workforce, military, or trade school 16 months...

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VT to Provide More Detail to U.S. Dept. of Ed

August 15, 2017

In response to federal feedback, the Vermont Agency of Education will provide more detail to the U.S. Dept. of Education about how it will measure student progress under ESSA.

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U.S. Dept. of Ed Releases Feedback on AZ, ND, and VT’s ESSA Plans

August 10, 2017

The Dept. of Education released feedback on Arizona, North Dakota, and Vermont’s ESSA plans. As reported by Education Week, Arizona “will need to change the way that science factors into its accountability system.” North Dakota “needs to do a better job of explaining how student...

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VT Scheduled to File ESSA Plan by April 3rd Deadline

March 26, 2017

Amy Fowler, deputy secretary at the Vermont Agency of Education, announced the state “stands to do well” under ESSA due to “new latitude and the administration’s more hands off approach.” Vermont is scheduled to file their ESSA implementation plan to the Dept. of Education by...

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VT Criticizes US Dept. of Education Proposal on Defining Learning

August 18, 2016

Highlighting a letter to the Dept. of Education in July on the proposed ESSA regulations, the Vermont State Board of Education submitted commentary to a local state publication emphasizing their critique that the Dept.’s proposal “continues to use a narrow definition of learning and over...

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VT Parents and Community Members Attend Conference to Discuss ESSA

August 11, 2016

ESSA was discussed by more than 150 parents and community members who attended a conference at the Jay Peak Resort last week. According to Agency of Education Secretary Rebecca Holcombe, “The conference was well attended, and in the past few months we’ve had input from...

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Releases State ESSA Primers

May 16, 2016

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s primers include individual state by state accountability system fact sheets, which detail each state’s current accountability system, what could change under ESSA, and what to be asking state leaders. See details about your state here.

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