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When Summative and Formative Markets Collide

“What happens when the $1.3 billion state summative assessment market begins to merge with the growing $1.6 billion market for formative assessments?” asks David DeSchryver in Ed Surge. “Investors and the education community are closely watching emerging models and how they could shape the markets...

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ESSA as Reform Absent Repair?

ESSA “was designed to remedy the wrongs” of NCLB, Andrew Saultz, Jack Schneider, and Karalyn McGovern write in the Phi Delta Kappan. But the law has failed to live up to its promise. The trio argue that this is the result of the U.S. Department...

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ESSA’s Impact on State Assessment Landscape

State standardized testing is changing rapidly in the post-No Child Left Behind era. A new report, The New Testing Landscape: How State Assessments are Changing Under the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act, from FutureEd explores emerging trends, including the expanded use of college entrance exams for high...

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Districts Struggling to Find Evidence-Backed ESSA Strategies

In this follow-up piece to an article we covered last week, EdWeek Market Brief’s Michelle R. Davis says that “school districts are searching for education vendors whose products have evidence to highlight their effectiveness, but it’s often a struggle for them to find a match.”...

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New Data Tool Demonstrates College and Career Readiness Gap

“Researchers probing a new, interactive ‘data explorer’ that matches students’ outcomes with college and career readiness measures found that—while nearly all students are graduating from high school in some states—fewer than half are considered ready for college or careers,” reports Michele Molnar for EdWeek Market Brief. “The digital database, released...

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