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Maryland School District Outlines Plan to Meet ESSA Requirements

As Katryna Perera reports, Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) staff “outlined a plan to the Board of Education to help the district meet requirements set forth” under ESSA last week. According to Jamie Aliveto, FCPS’ executive director of system accountability and school administration, ESSA’s approach...

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Education Week’s Guide to New School-by-School Spending Mandate

This piece from Education Week provides an easy-to-follow guide to “what ESSA’s new data-reporting mandate means for different players in the education community.” As opposed to focusing on “per-pupil spending,” ESSA “requires states for the first time to break out how much districts spend on...

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Los Angeles Finalizes $14 million Foster Student Plan

Los Angeles might soon stand out as an early leader in figuring out how to overcome barriers to fulfilling ESSA’s promises to foster students, reports Susan Abram for the Chronicle of Social Change, as the district recently approved a five-year, $14 million transportation plan for...

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