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Next Steps for the Opt-Out Movement

The Wall Street Journal examined next steps for the opt-out movement, which “lost a major battle” with the implementation of ESSA and continues to challenge the 95 percent participation rule. Under the new law, states are required to test 95% of students so they do...

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How Will ESSA Impact the “Opt-Out” Movement?

Truth-Out.org analyzed the impact that ESSA will have on the “opt-out” movement. The article notes that Secretary King is “not respecting the voices of parents, teachers and students; doubling down on threats to financially punish students for boycotting tests; and digging in his heels to...

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How will ESSA Address States with High Opt-Out Rates?

Republican lawmakers and civil rights advocates continue to debate how ESSA will treat states with high opt-out rates. According to Education Week, the draft ESSA rules could be seen as an attempt by the Dept. of Education to closely control how states deal with relatively...

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