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Recommendations to Ensure a Well-Rounded Education for All Students

Education Week examined new guidelines for the Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant program under ESSA. The piece highlighted the Dept. of Education’s recommendations on how funds can be spent for a “well-rounded education.” Part of a student’s educational experience can comprise of music and...

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ESSA’s Non-academic Indicator Proves to be Vital to How Students Learn

K. Brooke Stafford-Brizard, a senior adviser to Turnaround for Children, discussed the benefit of ESSA’s non-academic indicator requirements in Education Week. She argues that these requirements allow states to use non-academic metrics, like “self-regulation, problem-solving, social awareness, and growth mindset,” to measure student skill development....

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Holding Schools Accountable for More than Non-Academic Factors

According to The 74 Million, the Dept. of Education’s regulations propose holding schools accountable for more than non-academic factors. While the department’s regulations don’t propose a specific numerical weight for academic achievement, schools identified for comprehensive support can’t be removed from that status by improving...

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