April 30, 2015

Student Attendance Takes on Greater Weight

January 2, 2018

In Tennessee, 10 percent of a school’s grade under the state’s new ESSA accountability system “will be based on the percentage of students who are chronically absent.” This figure “is based on the number of students who miss at least 18 days—10 percent of the...

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State Plan Submissions and Drafts

October 17, 2017

Approved State Plans Arizona: Final Plan Approved (9/6/17) Arkansas: Final Plan Approved (1/16/18) Connecticut: Final Plan Approved (8/15/17) Delaware: Final Plan Approved (8/2/17) District of Columbia: Final Plan Approved (8/28/17) Illinois: Final Plan Approved (8/28/17) Louisiana: Final Plan Approved (8/15/17) Maine: Final Plan Approved (8/31/17) Maryland: Final...

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Dept. of Ed Approves 4 State ESSA Plans

August 30, 2017

The Dept. of Education approved four state ESSA plans – the District of Columbia, Illinois, Oregon, and Tennessee. “As more and more state plans come under the department’s review, I am heartened to see how states have embraced the spirit of flexibility under ESSA to...

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TN Utilizes Personalized Learning in ESSA Plan

July 26, 2017

Doug Mesecar, an adjunct scholar at the Lexington Institute, authored an opinion piece on ways Tennessee is utilizing personalized learning in the state’s ESSA plan. He highlights Tennessee’s use of blended learning for Algebra I, predictive analytics, teacher micro-credentialing, and competency-based education.

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TN Dept. of Ed Filed Legislation to Take Advantage of Opportunities ESSA Provides

February 2, 2017

In conjunction with State Representative David Hawk (R-Greenville), the Tennessee Dept. of Education filed legislation to “make the necessary changes to state law” in order to comply with the state’s ESSA plan. According to Education Commissioner Candice McQueen, “this legislation is designed to take advantage...

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TN Education and Equity Coalition Cites Assets & Shortcomings of Proposed ESSA Plan

January 19, 2017

The Tennessee Education and Equity Coalition sent a letter to Education Commissioner Candice McQueen citing “assets and shortcomings” of the state’s proposed ESSA plan. The organization “applauded the state’s attention to historically underserved groups like racial minorities,” but raised concerns that some students may “fall...

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TN’s Ed Commissioner Candice McQueen Outlines 4 New Goals for State’s ESSA Plan

January 11, 2017

During a town hall event with education leaders, Tennessee’s Education Commissioner Candice McQueen outlined four new goals the dept. is trying to achieve before the state’s ESSA plan takes effect. The goals for the plan include: 1, Tennessee ranking in the top half of the...

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TN Releases ESSA Implementation Proposal, To Collect Input Through Jan. 31, 2017

December 20, 2016

Tennessee officials released an initial ESSA implementation proposal on Tuesday, Chalkbeat reports. The state will collect public input on the 286-page plan through Jan. 31. “The feedback you share with us during this window is critical,” wrote Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen

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250 Stakeholders Attend ESSA Town Hall

December 15, 2016

250 stakeholders attended an ESSA town hall event with Education Commissioner Candice McQueen. According to The Tennessean, the event “focused mostly on proposed changes under the state’s ESSA draft to district accountability” and the “reporting of English language learner outcomes.” McQueen stated she would relay the...

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TN Releases Draft of State’s ESSA Plan

December 7, 2016

The Tennessee Dept. of Education released a draft of the state’s ESSA plan. The plan is available for public comment and feedback here.

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TN Task Force Discusses Metrics for New Accountability System

July 20, 2016

During a meeting with their 21-member testing task force of educators, politicians, and researchers, the Tennessee Dept. of Education discussed which metrics to incorporate into the state’s new accountability system. ChalkBeat Tennessee details which factors could be part of Tennessee’s accountability plan, and what the...

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TN Announces Working Groups to Focus on Standards and Assessments

June 29, 2016

In a press release, the Dept. of Education announced it has established six working groups focusing on standards and assessment, accountability, support for English learners, educator support and effectiveness, school improvement, and student support.

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TN Assemblywoman Encourages Constituents to Engage on ESSA Regulations

June 22, 2016

On her blog, Assemblywoman Susan Lynn encouraged constituents to provide feedback to the Tennessee Department of Education on ESSA regulations. She points interested parties to a website from the State Dept. of Education comparing ESSA to current Tennessee policy, and directs them to provide comments...

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TN Launches Online Guide to Explain ESSA

June 20, 2016

The Comptroller of the Treasury created a new online guide to better explain ESSA. The guide breaks ESSA down into six key categories as they relate to Tennessee, and highlights the main changes for each area.

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TN Education Commissioner McQueen Announces Statewide Listening Tour

May 24, 2016

Education Commissioner Candice McQueen and senior department leaders are launching a statewide listening tour to gather input from educators, key advocates, parents, students, and the public to determine how to implement specific components of ESSA. Read more here.

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Releases State ESSA Primers

May 16, 2016

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s primers include individual state by state accountability system fact sheets, which detail each state’s current accountability system, what could change under ESSA, and what to be asking state leaders. See details about your state here.

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Senator Alexander Discusses ESSA Next Steps in Nashville

April 25, 2016

Senator Lamar Alexander discussed ESSA and next steps for states in a forum for educators and policymakers in Nashville. He encouraged Tennessee to develop their own plan and fit it into the federal template, rather than wait for the Dept. of Education to come up...

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