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ESSA and SEL Go Hand-in-Hand to Improve Student Performance

A recent Gallup article—based on 12 years of surveys and research—highlights the important link between ESSA’s accountability measures and student engagement, specifically factors related to social-emotional learning, which has become more of a priority in recent years. According to Gallup’s research, “the impact these foundational...

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Maximizing School Funds

At a series of panels cosponsored by the American Enterprise Institute and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, education experts discussed ways in which America’s education system could improve results by getting “more bang for the buck through the use of technology, or in special education,...

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Los Angeles Finalizes $14 million Foster Student Plan

Los Angeles might soon stand out as an early leader in figuring out how to overcome barriers to fulfilling ESSA’s promises to foster students, reports Susan Abram for the Chronicle of Social Change, as the district recently approved a five-year, $14 million transportation plan for...

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