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Northwest Arkansas Schools Fare Well in Latest State Rankings Under ESSA Index Score

According to Arkansas’ annual release of school letter grades—which are “based on each school’s federal ESSA Index Score, a numerical score of 1 to 100” calculated using a variety of factors—public schools in Northwest Arkansas “received relatively high marks this year.” Whereas the letter grade…


ESSA Provides Flexibility for Oregon Educators to Improve Performance by District

In a shift from its predecessor NCLB, ESSA has given the Oregon Department of Education (DOE) greater flexibility to address and improve student performance across entire school districts rather than individual schools. Educators who have experienced both approaches “are hailing the change,” according to this…


Maryland School District Outlines Plan to Meet ESSA Requirements

As Katryna Perera reports, Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) staff “outlined a plan to the Board of Education to help the district meet requirements set forth” under ESSA last week. According to Jamie Aliveto, FCPS’ executive director of system accountability and school administration, ESSA’s approach…


How Are ESSA’s Evidence Standards Affecting K-12 Companies?

ESSA requires vendors to demonstrate that their products, services, and strategies “focused on school interventions are backed by evidence.” Already, this requirement is having a drastic impact as school districts reexamine contracts with longtime vendors and companies. This webinar will explain what K-12 companies “need…


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